DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Casts Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage, the villain The CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow” has been cast, the CW has announced that Casper Crump will join their DC Television Universe as Vandal Savage.
He will make his debut as the villain in the crossover episodes of “Arrow” and “The Flash” before continuing the recurring role on Legends of Tomorrow. The character is described as “immortal, having spent the past 6,000 years moving like a virulent disease through history, whispering in the ears of despots and dictators, all leading to his eventual domination of the world.”

Far Cry 4: Review


What an important month for Ubisoft Montreal! A week after Assassin’s Creed was released, right away they hit with Far Cry 4, 2 years since the release of the last opus.

Far cry 3 was surprisingly a hit, so they had to keep up with high exceptions by expanding on the new generation of consoles. Moreover, they introduced this new generation game’s feature, which lets you invite a friend to join you on certain missions, even without purchasing the game. So that’s a first and we are really excited about it. New features include riding elephants to use them as weapons, C4, automatic crossbow, and much more exciting additions!

Although the story is not really unique, having the set in a mythical world of the province of Kyrat in the Himalayas, the landscape is completely breathtaking. They took advantage of the wild, natural aspect of the place to create a large setting, which we want to explore with the different missions in the game and a better co-op experience.